Beware – Used Stoves

Beware of Second Hand Stove Dealers;

There is growing demand in the UK for second-hand wood-burning stoves and second-hand multi-fuel stoves although before moving down this particular route you need to consider the pros and cons. There is no doubt that many of the better wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves available today are built to last and will last tens of years rather than under a decade but there are a number of safety issues to take into consideration.

The very fact that someone has replaced their original stove should start alarm bells ringing due to the fact that it will need to be taken out of their home and the potential damage this may do. As we know, with changes to the various building regulations, the authorities are very keen to monitor potential emissions of carbon monoxide which can in some cases be deadly, especially in faulty stoves. That is not to say there are no good bargains available in the second-hand stove market but you do need to be careful and ensure that what you are buying is safe, solid and reliable.

Do your homework on your dealer and the stoves on offer as this could be dangerous:

  • Do they know where the stove came from?
  • Did they originally supply the stove and do they know why it was changed?
  • What faults if any, did the stove have and who refurbished the the stove and did they have the expertise to do so.
  • Or did they just buy in a bulk load of stoves from Joe blogs for a fast buck with no guarantees?

Unfortunately the later is very often the case!