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Wood Pellet Biomass Stoves

Wood Pellet Stoves, which can look quite different to log burners and tend to cost a lot more, use pellets made from wood by-products, such as sawdust, or other organic materials such as corn, which are tightly compacted together. Check which type of pellets the stove can burn before you buy.

Many Wood Pellet Stoves have a ‘hopper’, which feeds the pellets into the stove so it needs filling less frequently. Many also have an automatic ignition to light the pellets electronically, a timer for turning the stove on and off, and a back-up power supply in case there is a power failure – something worth looking out for.

Wood Pellet Stoves provide convenient heat that helps protect the environment and doesn’t cost the earth. They burn wood pellets In the smaller stoves a bag of fuel pellets may last for about three days.

Wood Pellet Fuel is a renewable, clean-burning biomass product made of renewable substances, generally recycled waste wood and sawdust but also short rotation coppice wood. Making pellet fuel is a way to divert millions of tons of waste from landfill and turn it into useful energy.


  • Drier and denser than wood logs, making them more efficient
  • Use materials that may otherwise go to landfill
  • Requires less storage space for fuel
  • Produce less ash than burning logs


  • Making the pellets does have an environmental impact – they produce 3.5 times more carbon per kWh than wood logs
  • Wood pellets can be harder to come by than logs
  • Rely on electricity so you will make an impact to your electricity bill
  • Need to be maintained more regularly than a log stove – they need to be serviced as well as having twice yearly chimney sweeps

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